Introduction to our MM2H agency - Borneo Vision (MM2H) Sdn Bhd

We have exhorted and helped outsiders with the Malaysia My Second Home(MM2H) program since 2002. Notwithstanding our MM2H visa office, we offer help and data about the program through our yearly production, the MM2H Guide and the help work area on this site.

Our organization is possessed by an Englishman Andy Davison who is likewise Founder and CEO of the Expat Group (, a media-wide with a noteworthy multinational, he settled in Malaysia and is cheerful to prescribe it to others.

Our organization has a high achievement rate (more than 99%) in getting visas for our customer.

We give full support all through the entire procedure. We help you set up the different records in a way which amplifies your odds of getting endorsement. We get ensured genuine duplicates and can go about as your support. We help with finish of the different conditions set out in the letter of contingent endorsement – opening a settled store, organizing a medicinal examination and helping with neighbourhood restorative insurance. We additionally drive you to migration and take you to the counter for your passport(s) to be stamped. In the occasion a  moment outing is required on the grounds that the framework is down(not rare) we will drive you out a moment time. As a full administration customer we will likewise furnish help with some other matters identifying with your turn to Malaysia and offers rebates on our different administration if required – getting endorsement for the text exempt auto, gaining a nearby driver’s permit, reestablishing your visa and so on.

If you’re interested to learn more about our agency, contact us here.

Our Services & Benefits

We are the best


Advising on application requirements



Assist with preparation of submission, meeting the programme ‘conditions’, other requirements related to move



Making certified true copies as required



Arranging for translations (if required)



Acting as the official sponsor



Submitting the application



Checking progress of approval



Making an appeal if necessary



Drive client to immigration


Visa Transfer

Transfer visa to a new passport for small fee



Discounts on future BMKTMM2H services



Free subscription to The Expat magazine, a monthly publication all about Malaysia and the region


Our work

Our latest projects

If interested in applying or enquiring for more details, please contact us here

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